Visiting with SG Advisors

2018.10.02 MrLB Ernie Mia Milli

Visiting with SG Advisors

Wednesday, October 2, 2018

Ernie Libarios, Mia Luluquisen, Domingo Los Baños, and Milli Asuncion gathered for a delicious lunch and inspiring visit at Mr. LB’s residence, Ilima at Leihano, a Senior Living Community in Kapolei.

In 1980, Mr. LB found the young adults who would later form Sariling Gawa Youth Council. Ernie and his late wife, Shirley, facilitated SG’s leadership training and guidance during the early years of conference activities.

Mia did her doctoral dissertation on an evaluative study of SG, and is a current board member. Milli is one of the co-founders and currently serves as board secretary.